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In the situation where local governments in Niigata Prefecture have announced that they will accept evacuees from Ukraine, Sanjo City University will play a social role from today in order not to stop the learning of students evacuated by the regional local government.

1 Target

Among the evacuees from Ukraine, university students who wish to study at our university


2 Number Student

Depend on the situation


3 Cooperation method

Allow to take any courses offered in the 1st and 2nd year of our university related or unrelated to the field of study of the evacuation university students. The courses will be decided after confirming their intention.


4 How to attend

As a Credited Auditors and or Special Register Students


5 Others

Regarding financial support, housing support, living support, etc., for the evacuees, basically will be hosted by each local government. However, the university will liaison with the local communities for the satisfaction of the students.


6 Contact information

Secretariat at Academic Affairs Division +81-256-47-5120